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Warped Checkers Bandanna

Warped Checkers Bandanna


Designed by CanTeen member Annabel Ariki and All Black Dan Carter


When I was going through treatment, I felt like I was in a box for a lot of the time because nobody could relate to how I truly felt. During my cancer journey, I kept myself in that box; protecting everybody from how I was really feeling, keeping everything in. Through CanTeen's support, I was finally able to come out of the box because I was able to share my story with people who understood what I was going through. For my bandanna design, I drew a series of boxes in different colours to help me express how I was feeling during that time.


After Annabel said that cancer made her feel like she was in a box, I wanted to create something that would enable Annabel to express how she was feeling. I took the boxes to the next level and developed them into a warped vortex to convey an alternate dimension and incorporated the Canterbury colours as we're both from Christchurch. I felt it was important for the design to stay true to how Annabel feels but add an extra dimension to the design.

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