2015 Greeting Cards

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This year's greeting cards have been designed following a workshop between a group of our finest artists and Auckland fashion designer Celine Rita. Each pack contains six slim line cards with envelopes.

Anna O'Grady, Sibling Member, Christchurch

Anna is a cartoonist from Canterbury. After her youngest sister was diagnosed with cancer, Anna came to CanTeen for support during a time when she felt helpless and scared for her sister. Now, seven years on, her sister is cancer free and Anna is a leader within CanTeen helping mentor other young people through their cancer journey.

Lauren Wepa, Patient Member, Wellington

Lauren is a talented, recent design graduate. Lauren was diagnosed with cancer two years ago. She says CanTeen has become a second family, and their support throughout her battle with cancer and its after effects have been truly life changing.

Sarah Champion, Patient Member, Palmerston North

Sarah is a design student from Palmerston North with a passion for photography. Five years ago, Sarah was diagnosed with a brain tumor and she still suffers the side effects of her treatment today. Sarah is thankful for the opportunities being part of CanTeen has allowed her, the friends she's made and the life experiences she's gained.

Josh Rako, Patient Member, Auckland

Josh is an avid and gifted sketcher. He was diagnosed with cancer three years ago and has been involved with CanTeen ever since. Now a member of the Auckland branch committee he is helping ensure other young people get the same CanTeen support he has experienced.