#GratitudeAttitude Bandanna

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Please be aware that any bandannas purchased from Monday the 10th of August will not be shipped until the lockdown has been lifted. Apologies for the inconvenience. 

We went out to all our CanTeeners and asked them: “Despite my cancer journey, because of CanTeen I feel…”, to capture the essence of what CanTeen means to the lives of our members.  The same eight words kept coming up, so we incorporated these into our 2015 bandanna design.

Join in the story and help share the CanTeen vibe by showing your #GratitudeAttitude.   Just buy your bandanna here and:

  1. WRITE:  The name of someone special on the dotted line above your chosen word
  2. WEAR: Fold the bandanna and wear it on your head, on your wrist, any way you want!
  3. SHARE: Take a selfie and tell the world how you feel with #GratitudeAttitude and encourage your friends and family to do that same!

Help us to ensure that NO 13-24 year old EVER fights cancer alone!