Serato X CanTeen Vinyl

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In 2010 DJ Spence initiated and ran the CanTeen DJ School and thanks to the support from Serato the programme has continued to allow CanTeeners to relax, learn new skills, and gain confidence in themselves.
The Vinyl Fundraiser came about as an extension to Spencer’s DJ programme and in 2013 Serato came on board to create an official CanTeen + Serato control vinyl.  All proceeds raised from the sale of this record will go to CanTeen to help support young people living with cancer.
This is an extremely rare and limited piece of vinyl as there are only 200 copies worldwide. With the enormous attention the Vinyl Fundraiser is attracting, it is achieving the goal of raising awareness on an international scale allowing turntablists around the world to use a tool that will support and empower young people living with cancer.