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Bandanna designed by CanTeem member Azura-Eve and Silver Fern Maria Tutaia


Turtles are incredibly unique creatures. Just like turtles, the families who have experienced cancer are extraordinarily unique individuals with amazing inspirational stories of survival and loss. I've incorporated my perception of a Maori sun on the backs of both turtles to represent the CanTeen value 'Live Life,' in a more bi-cultural form. The bell-shaped fuchsias placed at the back or the turtles show the beauty and the positive side of experiencing cancer. They represent the maturity, sensitivity and life perspective you gain from undergoing such a painful, life-changing experience. The rolling waves signify the different currents of each family member who is affected by either watching their sibling or child in extreme pain and suffering and not being able to do anything or take their place, or the member going through the tremendous agony themselves. As a whole, this bandanna design embodies the journeys in which CanTeen members and their families go through and how it's affected them today.


I wanted to collaborate with Azura-Eve because her design enabled me to incorporate a Pacifica theme which is unique to me and my culture and also reflects my personality. The green turtles with the red roses and the blue water all work beautifully together, making the overall design look both vibrant and colourful.

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