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Zebra Stripes

Zebra Stripes


2012 design by CanTeen Patient Member Anna Hocquard.

When I think of CanTeen, I think of the most beautiful people in the world. In CanTeen I am empowered everyday to be me, to be unique and love everything that I am, for who I am...

I designed my bandanna with zebra stripes because they are all unique. No one zebra is the same, like CanTeeners. I feel the most loved when I'm with CanTeen and that is why I picked love hearts bursting through the unique stripes. And pink because it is a bright, bold, and happy colour which is full of impact...exactly what CanTeeners are!

Despite whatever we have been through, we encompass all of our uniqueness and love and happiness to support, develop and empower each other, we never feel alone

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